Colour Inked Etching on Fabriano Rosaspina


Alchemical symbolism spoke to a secretive and mainly male order and, throughout the ages, females have also operated within their own uniquely insightful and intuitive networks. Unnoticed and undervalued, even by their own gender base, women have remained the fundamental nurturing power which allows successive societies to function and grow.

The Empress holds the orb and sceptre as symbols signifying her natural birthright of earthly authority. Sure of her psychological understanding and influence, she asks us to truthfully search inside ourselves and recognise the fundamental being within: her purpose is to lead by example so that we too may focus on a resolved inner peace and fully realise our raison d’etre. The Anima Mundi watches over as she moves forwards from the alchemical dragon to the lion and the title ‘Ricercare’ (Italian for ‘seek’), reinforces our need for action.

  • Colour Inked Etching on Fabriano Rosaspina
  • Edition of 100
  • Created 2023
  • 18.5cm x 29cm

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