Colour Inked Etching on Fabriano Rosaspina

Quinta Essentia

Mercurius rides upon and harnesses animal force whilst two eagles fly, in opposite directions, around the globe to signify strength, freedom and bravery: in our female form we are the fifth element. Cyclical Moon signposts intuition and reproductive ability and the dove affords peace and succour. This image asks the viewer to appreciate the value of a woman’s role in human creation, nurture and bonding and to realise its crucial place within society. The visual language of childhood imagery is employed to, hopefully, connect on a fundamental level and the colours used invoke the feeling of something antique.

  • Colour Inked Etching on Fabriano Rosaspina
  • Edition of 100
  • Created 2023
  • 23cm x 20.5cm

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