Colour Inked Etching on Fabriano Rosaspina

Our Seven Stages of The Work

Researching Jung’s work and following a questioning thread back through time has, for me, reinforced the idea that we must all try to examine ourselves, understand entrenched inner fears and begin our own calming change within. Since the beginning of time symbols have been used to share stories and ideas and it is my hope that some people might take an interest in the symbols within this work and read further into alchemy and realise that ‘The Work’ still has relevance today. Using the images associated with childhood is my chosen method of visual language, I’m hoping to take the viewer back to a less complicated and more receptive time within their lives or even a time when a perceived injustice skewed their outlook.

  • Colour Inked Etching on Fabriano Rosaspina
  • Edition of 100
  • Created 2022
  • 18cm x 18.5cm

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